The Friendly Forest

Cookie Bear

Cookie Bear has pans and pots
Full of goodies – lots and lots!
In the Forest, she’s a Queen.
“Why?” you ask — it’s her cuisine!

Bundle Bear

Bundle likes to take a nap,
When he’s not near his mother’s lap.
He cuddles on the Forest floor,
Wrapped in his Blankey — 
Then he’ll snore!

Bunny Bear

Half a bear and half a bunny:
A little strange, a little funny,
Truly she’s a Creature rare,
And we all love her–Bunny Bear.

Dawdle Duck

Dawdle’s place in line is: rear.
Others ask, “Is Dawdle here?”
Their answer is, “Oh, no, not yet!”
How slow can any Creature get?

Clammy and Croaky the Frogs

Both frogs like to swim and jump.
Their pond is right next to a clump
Of logs and reeds–both green and blue,
At home in not one place, but two!

Krasher the Kangaroo

Krasher’s legs are very strong,
And both his feet are really long.
So if he doesn’t want to stay,
His legs will help him get away.

Klingy the Koala

Klingy’s a koala bear.
You’ll find him in the Forest, where
He sleeps a lot and munches some.
Koalas live in trees called “Gum”.

Screecher the Owl

Flying in the sky above–
Is it an eagle or a dove?
No No! It is an owl called Screecher,
A wise and noble Forest Creature.

Frizzy and Dizzy the Sheep Twins

Frizzy and Dizzy enjoy being twins!
They’re never alone, and always have friends.
They’re always together, they’re always a pair–
When you look for Dizzy, then Frizzy is there!

Squeaky and Sneaky the Squirrel Brothers

The Squirrel brothers are a pair
You’ll find them in their grocery,  where
They work together day by day,
And then go home at night to play.

Kingie and Queenie

These Creatures are so wise and good,
Solve problems, and it’s understood
They always give you good advice.
On top of that, they’re really nice!